Who is Chef Nelis?

Meet me and I will show you!

Nelis Strydom is a passionate Chef who not only loves food but also the art of cooking. Nelis believes that food cannot only be seen as fuel for the body, but also as fuel for the soul. His passion for food rubs off easily, and people always have a huge smile on their faces after talking to him!

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Message from the Chef himself!

Keep updated with what the Chef is up to.. -

A Hearty and BIG Hallo to all the people out there and thank you for visiting my website!

Being a professional chef and living my passion for food every day, is a dream come true! As George B Shaw said; “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”. I agree with him wholeheartedly, and if you are reading this, I know you feel the same way. So, browse through my website, follow me on social media and if you like what you see contact me! I will gladly assist you with all your culinary needs!

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